Drafting of Agreements and Support of Execution thereof

The agreement means an instrument whereby business entities govern their relationships purported to establish, terminate, or alter the rights and obligations. The agreement directly describes the transaction and defines the rights and obligations of the parties. The more accurately and adequately the agreement is made, the lesser the chances are that the transaction will result in losses and proceedings. The agreement must be completed correctly and its language must not allow of equivocal interpretation.

We draft an agreement directly on the basis of the transaction made by the client, in consideration of the targets and objectives set by our client! A competently completed agreement that contains unequivocal language and clearly defines how it shall be enforced and reflects the parties' intents will safeguard Your business reputation and will ensure economic security and commercial prosperity.  

Being informed of a transaction pipeline, the lawyers will advise You with respect to the laws applicable to the transaction and will draft an agreement and annexes thereto and will participate in the negotiations. They will further help supervise that the agreement is enforced and, if appropriate, will provide advice on whether the counterparties default or delay in performance of their obligations thereunder.  

One should keep in mind than it is easier to prevent a conflict than to deal with its effects afterwards.