Legal Analysis of Agreements (Due Diligence)

Every organization has to make various transactions in the course of its day-to-day operations. Those may relate to both the support of an organization (concluding lease agreement, purchasing office equipment, advertising, etc.) and directly its core business (selling goods, performing services, etc.). Any transaction does not make sense if the agreement has been entered into not in Your favor. The consequences in both cases can be adverse (e.g. counterparties fail to deliver materials necessary to complete an order - You fail to complete the order and subsequently to make profits; or the lessor terminates the lease agreement - You have to search for new premises and to move and settle down at a new location, meanwhile the normal course of business remains discontinued).

Therefore, legal analysis of the agreements being concluded is required for a business to operate efficiently. Such analysis will help adequately determine the contents of the agreement and comprehend the true meaning of its clauses. The lawyers will advise You whether the agreement complies with the applicable laws of Ukraine and whether Your interests are met therein and whether it contains any clauses allowing of equivocal interpretation and whether it contains any provisions prejudicing Your rights.  

Legal analysis of an agreement will help avoid various negative situations. Such due diligence conducted prior to signing the agreement will mitigate the risk of financial losses resulting from the counterparty acting in bad faith. We will use our best endeavors to unsure that the agreements executed by You would drive Your business toward the objects and would not serve a ground for practicing various frauds.