Representation with Executive Authorities

After a case has been handled in court and its judgment has come into effect, one may ask: How will that judgment be enforced? It is a fair question, as securing judgment does not mean that it will be enforced by itself and obtaining a writ is just the beginning of the enforcement process.


Legal support will definitely be useful at the stage of enforcement. The lawyers will competently complete a request for enforcement and will contact the enforcement officer responsible for the case and will monitor the process of execution, "keeping their fingers on the pulse". Since even the easiest case needs attending to and can be enforced for a very long time or just get lost amid an array of the like unless duly attended to. And imagine that You have more than one debtor (e.g. not all buyers You have delivered your products to deem it necessary to pay therefor). The supervision of enforcement of such cases itself might take pretty much time and efforts. We will help You save your time and draw from what You applied to court for.  

If- Heaven forbid! - You happen to be a debtor, our presence and advice will help protect Your rights and avoid excessive costs.

At the stage of enforcement, we will assist in completing relevant documents and will appeal against any illegal action or inaction by enforcement officers, where necessary. We will negotiate with the other party for the purpose of signing an amicable agreement or otherwise at the stage of enforcement - if that is suitable to our client.