Retainer means a one-stop-shop legal support of Your business enabling to address any issue arising in the course of business. Such support will allow You to obtain legal advice necessary for the normal course of business and to swiftly take relevant actions where legal engagement is required.

Retainer expressly means a list of legal services provided to the client for a flat fee payable on a monthly basis. The fee shall be paid whether the client referred to an external lawyer during a certain month or not. The list of services offered under a retainer agreement may include, without limitation, representation of the client with judicial authorities (solicitation in general, commercial, or administrative courts of any instance); representation of the client with public enforcement offices; representation of the client with any other authorities; representation of the client to its counterparties; drafting of agreements, addendums, statements, and deeds; elaboration of local corporate by-laws and other instruments; due diligence on agreements; support of transactions; claim administration; legal advice on issues emerging in the course of business, provided either orally or in writing; legal due diligence on and support of various projects. The retainer rate depends on the services included in its list and the scope and complexity thereof. This means that every client can choose its individual service package at an acceptable rate.

What is the advantage of retainer? Firstly, there is no need to incur the cost of an in-house lawyer and secondly, the price will be much lower than when contracting works for hire. For example, solicitation of medium complexity in a court of first instance will cost You at least UAH 2,000 (it includes conducting legal due diligence on the case files and circumstances; making a statement of claim or defense; preparing documents necessary for proceedings; estimating penalties, inflation and annual interest rates; appearing in court sessions; negotiating with opponents; and making petitions and supplements during the proceedings). While a retainer of UAH 2,500 per month will provide services such as administration of two cases in commercial court per month; representation of two cases with public enforcement offices and other authorities per month; completion of one agreement of medium complexity per month; due diligence on two agreements per month; and several sessions of legal advice per month! And if the client no longer needs proceedings (or other services) under a retainer agreement, such services may be replaced with others as agreed between the parties (e.g. with legal support of a project or more services on the completion of agreements, due diligence on contracts, and legal advice).


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