Transaction Support (Sale and Purchase of Existing Business)


In rendering services on legal support of transactions, our company conducts due diligence in respect of transactions, titles, and documents required to make transactions to make sure that those comply with the Ukrainian legislation. Such approach is based on long-term experience of the specialists with our company in supporting transactions in various legal areas.

Our company offers services as follows:

  • support of transactions in immovable property-, including in land;
  • support of transactions in movable property;
  • support of transactions in shares in companies; and
  • support of transactions in other property owned by corporations and individuals as well sole proprietors.

Legal support of transactions helps ensure that they are made so as required by the applicable laws of Ukraine, i.e. reduce the risks inherent in making transactions and risks related to cancellation of transactions.

Legal support of transactions is a set of measures meant to protect the client's interests, and includes the following components:

  • due diligence on property rights;
  • assessment of risks in selling or purchasing a validly existing corporation;
  • assessment of titles and/or risks of company's members in respect of the shares in the authorized capital (fund);
  • good titles of a company to its property and absence of third parties' claims;
  • transaction settlement modeling;
  • transaction tax implications analysis;
  • drafting and completion of agreements and other instruments required to make deals;
  • and development of corporate procedures required to make deals.

Transaction support deliverables.

The transaction support deliverables by our Company are shown below:

  • legal opinion containing the analysis of all identified risks;
  • models and techniques suggested to reduce legal and tax risks to minimum in settling transactions; and
  • consummation of transactions subject to the Ukrainian legislation.